The DAB has changed the security regulations for the password assignment as of 15.11.2019. 

When setting the password, make sure that only certain special characters can be used (the definition of HTTPS only allows a small number of characters).

Allowed characters are:

A-Z a-z


. (dot) - (hyphen) _ (underscore) ~ (tilde)

It can happen that the password works in the DAB portal, but there are problems with the retrieval.
The reason for this is that the password must be transmitted from the PSI to the bank server within an HTTPS request.

Please make sure that your password only contains the above-mentioned characters and, if in doubt, define a new one in the DAB portal.

Then enter this in the settings in PSI afterward.

After changing the password in the web portal, it may take a while (even a few hours) until the change also takes effect for the HTTPS retrieval.